What does M/S stand for in expanded RS Data View?

How do I interpret the RS Data View linear scale in the expanded view? I can see the time is displayed in UTC on the left and my time zone (EDT) on the right. Minutes appear on the bottom. When zooming in on a specific time range the scale at the bottom represents duration. What is the scale on the left (M/S) a measure of? What does M/S stand for?

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Meter per second - speed at which the ground (well, the detector) is moving…


Hello pasgaf,

Exactly as Philip has said, M/S stands for meters per second, the unit of speed at which the ground is moving.

You can also find M/S^2 in the case of the accelerometer channels (EHN, EHE, EHZ), which is instead the unit of acceleration (rate of change of the velocity of an object with respect to time).