What does M/S stand for in expanded RS Data View?

How do I interpret the RS Data View linear scale in the expanded view? I can see the time is displayed in UTC on the left and my time zone (EDT) on the right. Minutes appear on the bottom. When zooming in on a specific time range the scale at the bottom represents duration. What is the scale on the left (M/S) a measure of? What does M/S stand for?

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Meter per second - speed at which the ground (well, the detector) is moving…


Hello pasgaf,

Exactly as Philip has said, M/S stands for meters per second, the unit of speed at which the ground is moving.

You can also find M/S^2 in the case of the accelerometer channels (EHN, EHE, EHZ), which is instead the unit of acceleration (rate of change of the velocity of an object with respect to time).

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If you have a velocity sensor, could you get the acceleration?

Hello Vihawk, and welcome back to the community!

It is possible to obtain either displacement, velocity, or acceleration values by elaborating the raw data recorded by the Shake.

For example, if you use ObsPy, you can then set what data output you prefer with this code: obspy.core.trace.Trace.remove_response — ObsPy 1.4.0 documentation

output (str) –

Output units. One of:

displacement, output unit is meters

velocity, output unit is meters/second

acceleration, output unit is meters/second**2

I think similar processing is possible with different software, such as MATLAB or others.