Went offline and am back online but now not visible in Stationview

Power Supply failure. Received the email my Raspberry Shake was offline. Replaced Power Supply and it is now visible in Swarm and ShakeNet but not on StationView. What am I doing wrong or is there a delay time for it to reappear on StationView. RS StationView.

RSH.R25EC.2021-09-22T14_23_54.logs.tar (3.0 MB)

Hmmm - It looks like it has reappeared on StationView so I am good to go.

Hello rlewis, welcome to our community!

Yes, sometimes there can be a delay for the Shake to re-appear on our StationView portal, and we are working to reduce it as much as we can.

Usually, a station will reappear in the nest 12 to 24h, but in most cases everything will go back to normal in an hour or so, as you have experienced.

Thank you all the same for contacting us here!