Weak password alert

Hi support

I run Netgear Armor on my mesh network and it is reporting a weak password vulnerability with my new units. I did change the default device password to what I thought was a suitably long and complex one, so I’m wondering if there is another login credential this vulnerability is referring to?

Do you have a device hardening guide or recommend one that doesn’t break the functionality?


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Hello jeffi,

I’m not 100% sure about what your network checker is indicating as a vulnerability, but you can find our guide to securing your RaspberryShake here: Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake

Hope it helps!

Thanks - I checked that guide out. I don’t think my new password is a weak one but I might try an even longer complex one if the Armor scan keeps reporting an issue. It’s more likely that Armor is giving a false positive for some detected characteristic of the image. I can’t control the scan routine and will have to wait for it to do its routine weekly scan. I do have another Pi that I use for general tinkering and another one that is an ADS-B receiver but neither are reporting an issue with a weak password, although they are showing some other issues with their particular applications that I’m running on them that I am aware of.

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