WAVEFORM VALUE um/s^2 to m/s^2

I have a question. the waveform values of ENE ENN ENZ is equivalent to almost 8e+09 micrometers/s^2 in the table which means 8x10^9 um/s^2. It is superlocal beacuse its nearby. When i convert it to m/s^2 to compare it with 1g you have 8000m/s^2 aceeleration. is this possible? or there is something wrong with my reading.

Hello rael, and welcome to our community!

Could I please ask for more details and/or screenshots about your question? You reference a “table”, but I cannot see it attached to your post, so it’s a bit difficult to help.

That acceleration value surely sounds really high though so I’m curious to see its source.

Thank you.

The station is 65km from the epicenter. So I used the hyperlocal. But when I used the Local the waveform reading is 4e+09 um/s^2. both of them are ENE.

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Hello Rael,

Thank you for the additional information, I can see what you meant now.

I’ve passed this on to our team, and they are investigating. I will report back as soon as I have news. Thank you again!