Watch California Shake Live on YouTube

This is too cool:

Two Cali Shakes streaming live on YouTube. Watch for when there is an earthquake and the whole network goes red.

For more California Shaking information, checkout: (@scaron).


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If you scroll back to either 10:47:20 UTC (03:47:20 PT) or 14:32:30 UTC (07:32:30 PT) you’ll see the drum recorder needle go crazy and the Shake network light up!

Newbie here. In the Youtube video, can someone tell me what software is driving the “drum recorder” ? I have an actual drum recorder that was originally driven by an incoming audio sinewave. Can the Shake 4D produce a similar output ?

  • Steve

Hi Steve, welcome to the community! I have no idea what software (if any) they use for the drum. It could even be an analog system. You can write to them at and ask.

Technically this should be possible with some clever electrical engineering and a few lines of code. The Raspberry Shake can output a live UDP stream of data from all channels. If you got a separate Pi computer hooked up to a drum in the right way, then sent your UDP data to it, and read a specific 4D channel, you could definitely drive a drum with it. See more about UDP here:

For California Shaking information, checkout: (@scaron).


Hi Branden,

Thank for the mention. I am also now live streaming my shake data.
It can be found here:
Direct link:
Channel link (in case the direct link does not work):

I am new to streaming. So, it has been interesting to setup and get running. So, far so good.

Chino Hills, Ca
RaspberryShake 4D RD29A