VLAN and Docker


I hope my question is not out of context. Wanting to isolate a bit some areas of my network I’m setting up a vlan for all my sensors, and my Raspishakes will run into that VLAN.

I think somehow Docker script is expecting eth0 to exist and be in use

with eth0 up and configured:

lo               UNKNOWN
eth0             UP   
eth0.77@eth0     UP   
docker0          UP   
veth95f1ad2@if5  UP   
veth7ab8142@if7  UP   
veth6ca38f7@if9  UP   

sensor does come up on the App

without eth0 configured:

lo               UNKNOWN
eth0             UP
eth0.77@eth0     UP   
docker0          UP   
vethedf0752@if5  UP

sensor doesn’t come up on the App

I would like to know where is the .conf or .yml somewhere defined to edit and point my VLAN interface, not the classic “eth0”. I’m not that fluent with docker, having always had more taste in LXC and bhyve
/var/lib/docker is full of .conf


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Hello muedbundy, and welcome back to the community.

Could I please ask you to provide the logs from the Shake in both configurations? That is:

  1. Logs when eth0 is up and configured; and
  2. Logs when eth0 is not configured.

It is possible that, for the second, you will have to connect to the Shake to retrieve the log set directly. If so, instructions on how to do so can be found here: How to access your Raspberry Shake’s computer via ssh).

Thank you!

Hello Stormchaser,

I maybe did my setup too complicated, using real power of ethernet aliases and vlan on the linux side, a general interface settings on the Cisco… when it’s easy out of the box using a simple access VLAN for the rPI. This way it will be okay without expecting to modify any Docker configuration.
So please consider my question solved.

Best regards


Hello muedbundy,

No problem at all; we are here to help!

Thank you also for providing more details on your setup, as someone else in the community could find it interesting.


Things went as smooth as trivial it is, but for no objective reason, after the servicing was done successfully and datas where correctly appearing on android, R884B stoppped displaying those datas on the android app. After about 20 hours. Docker restart or rpi reboot do nothing
Helicorder access is fine.

Could you have a check on this point please ?
Thank you

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Hello muedbundy,

From what I can see this morning, your BOOM is still connected and transmitting data to our servers. Here’s a DataView screenshot below:

As you can see, data is flowing in, but it’s not quite in real-time yet, which is why you don’t see anything in the ShakeNet App (which only displays the last 10 minutes of real-time data).

Data is catching up, however, so it shouldn’t be long before you start to see data in the App again. I’ve asked our server team to check, just to be sure, so they’ll do it as soon as they wake up in their time zone.

Thank you for your patience.