Version 15 not setting hostname to rs.local

I just installed my first image. All went well but, when I logged in the hostname was not the expected rs.local but raspberryshake. I checked the version in /opt/settings/sys and it is ver.15. the Version 15 documentation says the hostname will be rs.local.

Now, I’m an experienced Linux & RPi user so I know how to change this myself, but I wonder why it is not as expected?

Well, I’m not sure what how or when but the system just changed it’s hostname to rs.local and all is well. My best guess is the network connection wasn’t set correctly the default appears to be wireless which I disabled and Ethernet is now enabled.

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Hi @dgoadby, glad to hear your issue resolved itself, that makes my job easier! :slight_smile: If you send the logs we can look to see if anything is abnormal.


Hi guys,

I’ve also had some weird issues with running two RS’s on my LAN simultaneously re hostnames. I usually run one LAN and the other WAN, but sometimes swap them over when I have to fiddle around with things. They run DHCP but usually grab the same IP address for each respective interface. They are inconsistent with their naming in my router’s DHCP table, sometimes I get rs.local, sometimes rs2.local and sometimes raspberryshake. I found the problems all went away when i updated the the hostnames manually in all three of:

  • /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf
  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/hostname
    The last file in particular causes inconsistent and elusive problems with ‘raspberryshake’ coming up instead as the hostname. I’m running v0.18 and still have ipv6 enabled in avahi-daemon.conf but with the previous fixes already added from other posts re disabling IPv6 which were noted elsewhere.
    If you have any feedback on the wisdom or otherwise of this fix, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Hello jason,

I had a quick exchange with our software team, and this is our reference on the Shake manual:

The instructions there should allow you to avoid this kind of ‘mix-up’ between the two shakes in the future.

Hi Stormchaser,

I had already come across the post where this issue was discussed with the guy who had a shake and a boom on the same LAN.

My version of the Shake image already had these two lines configured in /etc/sysctl.conf when I downloaded it:


I had one hostname set as rs1 ad the other as rs2 in avahi-daemon.conf and /etc/hosts but my router was still returning the hostname as raspberryshake, I think it was when they were both on wifi.

It was only after I looked into /etc/hostname and found it was still set to raspberryshake that I was able to correct the issue.