Version 0.20 BOOM persistent BOOTING status despite server connection

Hello all,

As before just to let you know I am unable to provide a full log dump because of the location of my setup.

That being said, I am having an issue in which my BOOM (Station R3786, HW V5, SW V0.20, RPi 3B+ [all physical connections are solid]) is behaving strangely.

On the status page, it’s in a persistent state of BOOTING. However, it does connect up to the community servers and feeds data…so for all intents and purposes it’s seemingly working. This is more of a nuisance than an actual breaking issue I think.

In any case, I’ve seen that the software updater is an ELF versus a shell script as with the SHAKEs. A number of the executables are now an ELF on the BOOM which sort of annoys me because, now it’s harder to troubleshoot. Kinda wish y’all would just go back to the shell scripts that…work, haha.

The status page is looking at postboot_status to determine if the unit is working. However, when I look at the postboot log I see strange output characters and when I try to run the executable manually the log file is not updated and the executable doesn’t seem to run. On my SHAKE, running the same files (which are scripts not executables) work and the log files are updated.

I have made no changes to my system and it’s been working for years. I just randomly chose to look at it recently and saw that which lead me down a rabbit hole.

So, is this a known issue that’s going to be fixed in an update or did something happen to my system that y’all may have seen before to give me a better jumping off point to troubleshoot this?

Even though I am unable to provide logs, I can respond and give you as much detailed information as you need to help me with this.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello ttosbt, and welcome back to the community!

Thank you for your extensive explanation and for providing all the details about your situation. We have met this issue in the past and there are a couple of ways to solve it. You can:

  1. apply the following fix, with step-by-step instructions here: System Version: 0.20, System Status: Booting - #8 by ivor and the file to download for the procedure here: System Version: 0.20, System Status: Booting - #12 by ivor; or

  2. directly re-burn the Shake microSD card (instructions on how to do so are here: microSD card topics)

Both procedures above should fix the issue and display a System Status: RUNNING label once your Shake is restarted.

If, instead, the BOOTING status is still present, let us know so we can see what else we can do.

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Hey Stormchaser,

I went with option 1. Seemed the more direct fix and I am happy to report that it seems to have done the trick! So thanks for that!

Do you happen to have a more detailed explanation as to what happened exactly with the four executables that were replaced?


Were the files in the archive provided by ivor, what changed within those files and are the changes something that are going to make it into forward versions or was this just some snafu for a handful of systems?

I will say that I did do a search for this problem before reaching out so as not to waste y’alls time…but I did not find this fix. Hopefully, if others have this issue they’ll find this post or the original.

I also wonder if it makes sense to make this a v0.20.1 release for those folks who haven’t logged into theirs for a bit or just haven’t recognized the problem on their setup.

Thanks again! Much appreciated.