Vault Camera

I was always wanted to put a camera in my vault, but I could not think of a practical way of doing it. However, recently I found a small camera that could be used with a Raspberry Pi. I have a second Raspberry Pi in the vault the monitors the temperature and humidity that I could add the camera to. After a few days of learning and testing on a spare PI outside of the vault, I installed the camera in the vault. Camera:

I was pretty happy with the results. I even added a low cost / low tech strong-motion detector :laughing: :

I was not thinking about adding lights to the vault. However, I stumbled upon these: Low power and little to no heat, they seemed like a perfect fit. I added just one and this was the result.

So, I can now keep an eye on my Rshake in full color :slight_smile:

I added the cam to my live stream and it can be viewed there. It is a much smaller image, however:

RS4D - RD29A
Chino Hills, Ca


This is a fantastic add-on Steve!

Your vault continues to evolve splendidly, and I am sure it provides great inspiration to all enthusiasts! I know it does for me!

Thank you for keeping us posted with your updates!

HAHAHAHA. I love it.

Thank you for sharing with us just how much fun you are having with your Shake vault.

If anyone would like to read more about @scaron’s experiences, visit our blog:


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