Using SPI interface alongside Shake 1D


I have a RS1D. I have it setup remotely with a solar panel. I want to monitor battery voltage using a MCP3008 ADC. The ADC communicates via the SPI interface. Does the RS use the SPI channels or does it only use UART on the RX TX pins?

I am hoping I can just connect the MISO, MOSI, SCLK and CS pins on the MCP3008 to the RP header and use it.

Thanks for your help.


Hello Aerol, and welcome to our community!

This is definitely an interesting project, and I think that our GPIO reference page on the manual can help you in checking what you need: Technical Specifications

In particular, these are the GPIO pins that the Raspberry Shake uses:

02,04: 5v

06,09,14,20,25: Ground

08,10: Tx/Rx


17: 3.3v

If you require more, I remain available.