Using RS4D to detect people for smart home integration

I have supported RS devices on Kickstarter a couple of times and haven’t yet deployed any of them. I’m now thinking of getting a few set up for a use case that has nothing to do with earthquake detection.

I have a project that requires accurate detection of people moving in and around a large indoor and outdoor living space. I am interested in having the lighting activate in a fine-grained way to follow the movement of people, or to trigger lighting effects as people use stairs. (E.g. lighting up an animated sequence that follows people up or down the stairs, or activating one of many ceiling lights directly above a person as they wander around a room.)

I wondered if I could use a couple or more of the five RS4D units I’ve got to detect the movement of people to within a foot or so in 3 dimensions anywhere in and around the space. Based on Google searches I know that there’s some academic research on this topic, using various types of movement sensors, but I didn’t find any open source software that might be used as a starting point for creating a custom tracking and triggering system. The researchers did seem to have got the job done but didn’t publish source code or indicate it was going to be implemented as a product, or integrated with some other system that would be for sale.

I’ll add a bit more detail about the lights that I’d like to control to follow the movement of people. I’ve had a building constructed that has finely controlled LED lighting indoors and out. One work room has a bright LED ceiling panel light that spans the entire 30x30 foot room. The LEDs are individually controllable RGB pixels in a 76x70 matrix. A large 80x25 foot underground storage room has a grid of ten individually controlled RGBW overhead LED pendant linear lights. Outside there’s a long set of 8 foot wide stone stairs with LED strips embedded under the lip of each of the 24 steps, aimed at the stone risers. Each LED pixel on the stairs is individually controllable.

I am willing to fund a software project for this use case, or to discuss this with anyone that has serious suggestions on how to get started using RS4D or any other geophone or vibration sensors.

Thank you for your attention.



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Hello Michael, and welcome to our community!

Thank you so much for this very interesting proposal and for all the details you’ve provided!

After discussing this with others in our team, I emailed you at the address you used to register here on the forum. We can continue the discussion there.