USB SD card device

Can I just unplug the USB SD card device and read the data off it on a laptop? Does the unit have to be in a certain state, power off, etc? Whats required?


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Hello alexM,

If the device is turned off, then yes, you can safely remove the microSD card from the Shake and then read the data saved on it from any other computer you have available.

If the Shake is still on, instead, it should be shut down first to avoid damaging the microSD card itself. To do so:

  1. if the Shake is connected to a local network, you can directly access its configuration page by typing rs.local/ or the Shake IP address in any browser from a computer connected to the same network. Then click on “Actions” (the hammer icon high on the left), “Actions” again, and then “Shutdown”.
  2. if the Shake is not connected to any network but is used in the field, you can directly connect it to your PC/latptop, and then set your IP in the Shake discovery range, as explained here: Discovery IP

Once done, you will be able to ping and access your Shake directly and also download the data without the need to extract the microSD card. Various methods to do so are described here: How to download your data

If you cannot connect to the Shake, then you could forcibly shut it down by disconnecting the power supply directly, but I wouldn’t recommend this unless it was the last available option, as it could damage the files on the microSD card.

If you require anything else, I remain available.

Perfect, thank you so much!


You’re more than welcome!