Upload RS data to server

is it possible to upload to ShakeNet the data collected when my RS was offline?

My RS (R4EA9) has been disconnected for several days in August 2021, but it continued to record regularly.

Thank you

hello matteo,

at the moment, we do not have a defined method to upload off-line data. but your suggestion is a good one we will be looking into.

in the meantime, however, if you would like to upload this data to somewhere and send me the URL where it is located (as a private message), i can look to getting it imported to the data archive.


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Hi Ivor,

thank you for your prompt response and sorry for my late reply.
I downloaded the missing data in ShakeNet from my RS station (R4EA9).
It is the period 5-20 August 2021.

I will send the link to the data in a private message.

Thank you!

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Dear @ivor and/or technical support, I have the same question, maybe there is now a tutorial to upload data ? My problem is that I had trouble with internet connexion, so that my raspberry shake is offline since several month, but I’ll get the data on field tomorow, and I would like to upload the data so that they could be available online.
Sincerely yours

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I would just point out that without an Internet connection there is not an accurate time source available, unless you have a GPS time source installed.

The realtime-clock of the R-Pi is not that accurate and will drift unless corrected by NTP via the Internet.
Without accurate timestamps, I would foresee some difficulties in integrating this data into the database.

Hello Vittecoq, welcome back to the community!

The feature to manually upload data is not yet available. However, if (as Philip indicated) you recorded data with a GPS module connected to the field Shake (thus the data is correctly synchronized), you can send a private message to Ivor with a link to where the data is located.

You can upload your Shake data to any service (dropbox, Mediafire, etc.) and once ivor has the link he will look to getting it imported to the data archive

Thank you.

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