UPD setting by script

I would like to be able to set the UPD via a python or bash script instead or in addition to use the web page. Is it possible ?

The reason is that I want to use the UDP flow locally, on the raspberry itself and I need to know what is the IP address and then set the UPD to that address it is using at that moment.


hi alessandro,

if i understand you correctly, you want to process the UDP output on the Shake Pi itself?

if so, editing the UDP configuration file by hand will allow you to specify the system file where the Shake’s IP address is stored at boot-time. you can find a complete discussion of how to do this configuration by hand in the manual, located here.

hope this helps, cheers,

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Thanks Richard

I found indeed the shake-UDP-local.py that solves my oroblem.

If I install a python programme that does my job locally and transfer the data somewhere else in the internet, is this programme deleted when updates will be installed in the future ? I created a folder under /home/myshake.

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updates do not interfere with any files not a part of the Shake system itself. files sitting in the home directory of the myshake user will remain untouched.


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