First time posting. I’ve been trying to set up my “shake and boom” that I purchased a while ago and finally have had a chance to build. I cannot get it to fully start up. I’m trying to diagnose I connected a monitor and I get a lightning bolt I’m the upper right corner which means undervoltage. I’ve tried two high quality lower supplies and neither works. Is there something that could be configured incorrectly or incorrectly connected causing this?

Also, are there written instructions somehwere for assembly for me to check? I found the video hard to follow because the builders hands were often blocking the shot. Thanks for your ideas!

Can you connect via SSH and leave the HDMI monitor disconnected? Some monitors can cause problems.

The red LED on the PI is an indication of voltage - it will flash if the voltage drops too low even for microseconds. If you are sure the power supply is a good one, but the red LED is blinking, then you should try the R-PI with the piggy back shake board removed and see if the problem goes away. That will verify that the PI itself is good.


Hi @Admpicard999—the lightning bolt also may indicate an OS problem. What version of Pi are you using? How did you burn the OS image to the SD card?

Thanks for the idea. I haven’t had a chance yet to try anything else, but I just used the card as it arrived with the kit. I have a 3B+.

Was it a card you got from us, or one you got with a Pi kit?

My apologies for not being clear. It’s the one that came in the shake and boom kit (not with the Pi)

My suggestion would be to re-image the card using the instructions at https://gitlab.com/raspberryShake-public/raspShake-SD-img. Format the card to FAT32 first, then copy the contents of the Zip file to the root of the card, then re-insert and try again.

Thank you so much! Putting on a new image worked. Up and running!


Great to hear. Cheers.