Understanding What I am Seeing?

Hi People,

I’m new to RaspberryShake, I have a 1D, S2DDF. I have a few questions regarding what I am seeing. I’ll hopefully start with an easy one!

On ShakeNet, using an example, if I select the 6.3 quake in North Western Afghanistan that occurred on the 2023-10-07 at 06:41:03, what am I looking at?

At the top under my stations I have my station S22DDF selected
Underneath I see a map, at the bottom of the map is a grey box which appears to show 3 pieces of data which is impossible to read, what is it telling me?
Underneath the map is the waveform, I see a blue marker just before an increase in the waveform which it says is the P wave arrival time. On the extreme right-hand side is a small blue ‘timer’ (04:32) and a S which again says this is the arrival time of the S wave. Is this 04:32 after the P wave arrival time?
Is the waveform displayed actually what my device detected and when? I ask because the grey box at the bottom of the map appears to show, on the right-hand side, contributor and possible a station code? Is it that station I am seeing as a wave form or is it my station?
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G’Day Rosss,

Welcome to the Raspberry Shake Forum.

The 3 pieces of information in the grey box are credits: Map copyright Gempa (I think), Data copyright OpenStreetMaps and contributors SRTM. Nothing to do with any station in particular.

You are correct, the 4:32 S means the S wave will arrive 4 minutes and 32s after the P wave.

The times your station recorded the waveform are shown on the x axis below the waveform. These are in UTC which is standard for geological measurements because it’s independent of time zones.

The wave form will be that corresponding to the station you have selected at the top of the page. So if your station is selected, the wave form will be from your station.



Hi Sheeny, thank you for your welcome, and your prompt reply. Your explination has cleared things up. I’m impressed that my device appears to have picked up the quake from so far away.


Hello Stewart, and welcome to the community!

Great to have you with us, and thank you to sheeny for his prompt answer!
If you have more questions, feel free. Me, or the rest of the forum, are always available.