Unable to set up RS4D AM.RD5c8

Hi Tech support,
I have had my new Shake a week & I’m unable to find the http://rs.local/ on either Safari or Chrome. I have found my router IP address & downloaded Fing but still can’t open the Shake RS4D. The ethernet connection is flashing yellow so it is connected to my wifi. What can I do next please as I need to move it to my slate hearth slab & get it off my desk. I understand it’s not good to just unplug it.
Looking forward to the solution.
I have the Shake App on my iPhone but it doesn’t give me any options to switch it off.
Dave Thresh N Wales UK.

Hello ShakeDave,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue.

I would say that the fastest way to access the Shake OS interface in your situation would be writing down the IP address of the Shake that the Fing app is providing you, and using that in your browser instead of rs.local/. Unfortunately some networks find difficulty with rs.local/ so the IP address becomes a valid alternative.

That should give you access to the Shake panel, and you can then proceed from there in turning it off (and yes, leave the unplugging as a last resource) and move it to where you want to position the instrument.