Unable to see my Boom in the My Shake App


I recently received a Shake 4d and a Boom, I connected both and the Shake has done fine. The Boom connected to the server then lost its connection so I reinstalled the OS and it connected again. My issue is that it still shows offline in the My Shake app. The station ID is AM.R76E1.00.HDF and I have attached the logs below.

Thanks for your help!RSH.R76E1.2020-09-14T15_35_06.logs.tar|attachment (284 KB)

Hello Eugenebrink, welcome to the community!

Firstly, great to see that your RS4D connected fine and you are satisfied with it!

For the second matter, could you please post your RBOOM logs again? It seems that there was some kind of problem with your first message.

Thank you.

Hello, here are my Boom logs againRSH.R76E1.2020-09-14T16_56_36.logs.tar (301.5 KB)

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Thanks! I have reuploaded the logs.


Eugene Brink

Thank you for doing that, now the logs are readable.

From them, and our database, I can see that the last successful connection was yesterday at around 23:25:55 UTC, which correlates with the boot-up at 23:23:52 UTC (in your time zone this should be around yesterday afternoon, if Iā€™m not wrong with the time conversion).

Could you please do the following? Shut down the RBOOM from the rs.local interface by clicking on the Actions icon (hammer) high on the left, then on the ACTIONS tab, then on SHUTDOWN, and finally inserting the password (if you have changed it, input yours, otherwise, the default one is shakeme).

Now wait for around 5 minutes, then power up the RBOOM again and let it start normally.

Wait again for around 10 minutes, then download the logs again and post them here.

All this is because I need the updated logs (the ones that I have are from yesterday) to see what has changed and what is the issue with the missing data transmission. Thank you.

Here you go, these are the newest logsRSH.R76E1.2020-09-14T17_47_39.logs.tar (372.5 KB)

Hello again,

thank you for the new logs. As I thought, since there was nothing apparently wrong with them in both instances (yesterday and today) the servers needed time to allow a proper display of data.

Sometimes it can take quite a while before the station is visualized on the map, or accessible via SWARM or other services, up to 24/48h.

You can now see it here: https://raspberryshake.net/stationview/boom/stationview/#?net=AM&sta=R76E1 and also on the app.