Unable to Connect to Server

I replaced my power supply and unable to connect to the web server.

Opening the “front end” shows DATA FORWARD=ON and SERVER=NOT CONNECTED.

Opened SETTINGS and GENERAL. All questions are the same as always, including location. When I try to restart, it does NOT accept my password and the OK & CANCEL buttons are inoperative. I have to open Task Manager to escape.

I can see my trace on my computer and on the HELICORDER within the “front end”, but no connection to your server. The attempt to connect just runs and runs. I’ve tired for two days.

Jerry AM.RFAE6.00.SHZ

RSH.RFAE6.2020-02-16T15_20_16.logs.tar (3.6 MB)

hi jerry,

on day 041 of this year, STAND-ALONE mode got somehow turned on. in this case, no connection to the internet it assumed, and no services involving internet access will work, including NTP (when no GPS dongle is connected) nor forwarding of data to the server.

in the Front-End Config Actions::Actions page, you will see that you can turn stand-alone OFF. or you can do this from the command line with the command > rsh-stand-alone OFF and then reboot your unit.

things will most likely return to normal after that.



Thank you, Richard.

I apologize. I have NO idea what STAND-ALONE means and am using Windows 10, not a Lenox machine. I do not speak programming language or understand those methods.

Please, if you will, give me a step by step to follow.

It seems that it does not want to recognize my password.

I opened the Front-End > clicked ACTIONS > clicked Turn Stand Alone OFF > changed screen and requested Password > typed password > screen changed again saying “Rebooting your Shake” and started blue line going across (assume that means it is trying).

20 minutes later (timed), it still had NOT booted or connected to your server.

Everything else on my end seems to be OK, just connection to your server and not showing on map.

hi jerry,

the next update will fix the “infinite reboot” problem you are encountering. after that has happened, your unit should return to the normal working state you are accustomed to.