Trying to reconnect after being off line for a few years


I am trying to hook up a Raspberry shake that has been off line for about 4 years. It was purchased on July 17th, 2017. Raspberry Shake 4D.

I plugged it in, connected ethernet, and checked the link where it would have appeared on the map when it was last plugged in years ago, but don’t see it.

Please point me in the correct direction.

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first try to see if you can find an IP address on your local network, using your router’s interface or an app such as FING.

if you find an IP address, try going to the front-end configuration program at http://rs.local or http://ip_address.

if you don’t find an IP address on your network, the SD card is likely corrupt and needs to be replaced. instructions to download the Shake-OS and how to burn it to an SD card can be found here.

one thing to keep in mind, if the unit hasn’t been online for a while, it will go through the upgrade sequence to catch up to the current version, 0.19. the front-end interface, however, should be active during the upgrade sequence.

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Station R4753 is now online.  California, North Monterey bay between Prunedale and Watsonville :-)

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