Trying to find RS image for reinstallation

My Raspberryshake (AM.R02DC.00.SHZ) was very reliable for several years but now drops offline after working for a few days or weeks. Since I cannot access it through the LAN, I have to cycle the power. This brings it back online but is a temporary fix - the RS eventually drops offline again.

I suspect the memory card has worn out and would like to replace it. However, I cannot find the software download for the latest image. I am taken to a webpage with the 404 failure. What is the working link for the image download?

Also, when reinstalling the image, are there any changes required so that the RS is recognized as AM.R02DC.00.SHZ?

The image is posted at: raspberryShake-public / Raspshake Sd Img · GitLab and it has finally been updated to the latest version. This link is buried way down in the online documentation. It can be found, but not easily.

The docs say that the shake’s name is derived from the Raspberry Pi board’s MAC address. As long as you are running the same Pi board, the name will not change.

James KB5FIO

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