Trying to connect for the first time to rs.local

I followed instructions for plugging in the LAN and electric cords. It’s been five hours and rs.local still says “server unavailable”. Blue light on. Steady red and occasionally flashing green light on next to electricity connection. Orange light on left and green on right of LAN connection. I’ve tried to connect with Firefox, Chrome and Safari, on Macbook, iPhone and iPad. I can’t send a log because I don’t think I have one yet. Please help me get this RS4D up and running. Thanks.

Never mind, I’m now connected.

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Hi @SakuRainbow, I’m glad you figured it out. I’m not sure what the problem might have been, but in the future it might be useful to use Fing to find the IP address if you are having trouble getting to rs.local. Navigating directly to the IP may work better since some routers may be slow to recognize/rebroadcast the domain name, and some networks don’t support self-defined domain names at all.

Cheers, Ian