Troubles with assembling Shake&Boom

With much anticipation, I received my Shake&Boom. Usually, kits like these spend weeks on my shelf before I can be bothered to start working on them, if I start at all, but not with this one! I started crackin’ right away.

The kit was very well packaged. I’m sure it if were packaged half as good, it would still have arrived safely. Individual kits, vacuum sealed on a foam board; Quality packaging and quality goods.

However - you knew this was coming - I cannot find an assembly guide. Sure, there a video. It’s outdated, and I do understand that shooting a new video is a lot of work. But why is there no written, step-by-step guide? With a written guide, the video could be an illustration, and it wouldn’t matter if it was for al older version.

Now the problems:

  1. I just cannot figure out which standoffs to use where: I have tried all combinations and none of them fit. I have 6 small stand-offs, 5 medium stand-offs and 3 tall stand-offs. (I think that’s one small to few and a medium too many)
  2. I do not know where the spring washers go. I tried using them with the bolts holding down the intake port, but that would make the bolts too short, not gripping the thread in the bottom plate.
  3. I don’t have any bolts fitting the geophone. The bolts I have left are either way too long, or too thing.

Did I get the wrong fastener set in my kit, am I doing something wrong?

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Hello MindBender,

First, thank you very much for all the feedback you have provided; we are more than happy that the packaging satisfied you!

As far as I know, the new assembly video is in the final stages of production, but I have asked for more info from our hardware/media team so I can give you more details.

In the meantime, could you please take a picture of all the hardware (washers, standoffs, etc.) that you have received? So that we can check if you have all the correct pieces or if you are missing/exceeding something. I can then guide you on how to assemble everything.

I will pass your advice regarding a written guide to our team so that they can see what can be done.

Ok; I have disassembled the unit again, and took a photo of the fastener set:

Yeah, neutoticists like myself would really like that :slight_smile:.


Thank you for the picture! I’ll pass it on to our hardware team and let you know as soon as possible.

Hello again MindBender,

Our team has reported back and yes, as you had surmised, you were missing some parts and had too many of others. In particular, you should have had 7 small standoffs and 4 medium ones.

Can you write an email to sales [at] raspberryshake [dot] org, quoting this topic, listing your initial order details and your current address, so that they can proceed in sending you the correct hardware kit to assemble your RSBOOM?

Thank you very much for your patience, and we apologise for this issue that you’ve encountered.

Hello MindBender,

We are ready to ship a replacement hardware DIY kit so that you can assemble your RS&BOOM.

Our Operations Manager has sent two emails to you to confirm your shipping address. Could I please ask you to reply at your earliest convenience?

Also, a new, updated video is ready to guide you (and anyone else who needs it) during the assembly process. You can find it here: Assembly Guide. We are still working on a step-by-step written guide.

Thank you!