Trash or wastebasket?

Is there a wastebasket/trash on the raspberryshake?
I am looking for a helicopter file that was deleted a day ago (01/10/2022).
I thought this data is also stored in the Raspberryshake cloud?

Hello Erwins,

Yes, all the data that you upload online is available on our platforms. For this, in particular, you would need to use the DataView service, here:

Simply find your station and channel from the list on the left (by scrolling or searching) and then select the day you are interested in with the calendar function.

On the RaspberryShake itself, instead, the helicorders are stored for a default maximum of seven days.

thank you,

how can i process this data from dataview with SWARM or jamaseis?

Hello erwins, no problem, you’re welcome!

We have sections in our manual (with videos) that will show you how to retrieve your data with SWARM and jAmaSeis, so that you can process it further. The data you will see on both software is the same that is available on our DataView Platform.

For SWARM: How to visualize the waveforms in real time — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake
For jAmaSeis: How to visualize the waveforms in real time — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

The problem is, e.g. with Swarm, it doesn’t have a calendar function so you can select a day in the past, you can only go back page by page.

I have to rephrase my question. :wink:

How to download data from DataView for a specific day? Kind of a backup. So I can later analyze this data from any day?

Yes, SWARM has a calendar function available to its users.

With the helicorder window open, you have to click on the second leftmost button in the upper bar, and you can edit there which date you want to visualize (in the View Time field) and how to distribute the data on the helicorder itself.

However, if you want to download your data to have them available without the requirement of an internet connection, we have a dedicated page on our manual which lists many different methods: How to download your data — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake