Train Passing Monitoring

Hi there. I’m new to using the Shake and understanding the data types that come from the accelerometers and Geophone (4D).

I’m trying to program either this device(or the main Pi operating microphone, camera and data transmission) to determine when to start recording once a train is passing.

Theoretically, once there is enough ground vibration magnitude from the passing train, the Pi will send a signal to the camera and microphone to record. I have the underlying startup code for those working, I just need to find out how I can interpret the magnitude levels from the accelerometer(s) in a non visual medium.

My question is, is it possible to extract accelerometer data from the Shake as its own output and say,
if(sustained magnitude)
{execute recording}?

Would it be possible for someone to explain the locations of this data, and the best way to quantify it?
(I’m an electrical engineer, not a geologist.)

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Hello bshcellhaas, welcome to the community!

This sounds like a very interesting project! I think I remember one of our users in Japan that was able to easily notice trains from the Shake data, so it should be fully doable!

I can advise you on trying our RSUDP software, here: rsudp 1.0.2 — rsudp documentation

It has been designed with modular capability, so after a bit of study and tests, I am sure that you will be able to create a proper module that will do what you have in mind. There are already similar modules available in the repository, so you can maybe use them as a starting point.

Good luck with your project! And, if you want, share the final result with us all in the community!