Traffic tracking

There’s a railway nearby to the location where the RS4D is placed. Already while pledging to the Kickstarter, given Finland isn’t exactly known for it’s volcanoes and frequent earthquakes, I thought it’d be interesting to see what the trains passing by look like on a seismograph.

Sure, there are heavy trucks as well so it’s not an exactly ideal location for a seismograph, but at least with trains, you’re supposed to know when they pass by. An expensive and complicated way of checking whether trains are running on time? :wink: However, the predictability of the signal would provide some benefit to checking sensitivity and cultural noise filtering ideas.

I actually recall from the past also seeing some studies about road wear & prediction from heavy traffic via seismographs. Of course, the cincher in all this is… I’d have to somehow find the time to work in this on my busy TODO list.

So with that in mind, is anybody aware of existing projects or usable tools relating to seismic traffic tracking?

Not the report/paper I remember on heavy traffic, but same deal.
Urban Seismology: on the origin of earth vibrations within a city
Railway-induced ground vibrations – a review of vehicle effects
Equidistant Spectral Lines in Train Vibrations
Several other papers deal with very dense networks for characterizing traffic, but I’m thinking single sensor here.