Trace interpretation after a quake

I’m fairly sure I recorded a recent 6.4 quake in Albania. The radius from the PS timings from Quake Locator was very close so I am convinced. That is 2,800 Km from me so I am well pleased.

The recorder traces show the event and there are nearly five minutes of activity afterwards. I have included the traces. Assuming that the motion is part of the original event what am I seeing there? Is this a very long aftershock or what?

I have uploaded the zoomed traces.

Where you are, you are probably seeing both the P and S waves.
Here is some easy-to-read explanation

I am at 7880 km and (probably) can only see the P wave

Still - this was a pretty strong one as seen here in the US.

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Thanks for the response. I have just watched the video and understand a little better now.

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