Tips to reduce noise?

That such raspberry shake community, I am new in this on August 14 my shake arrived, and since then I created a concrete plate, to install it, the bad thing in my neighborhood there are constructions and apparently they opened a warehouse, to which it causes a lot of noise are between 89 to 400mts of my shake, some advice so that I can at least remove some noise.
R4133 It’s in the least noisy part of my home.
Uploading: R4133_EHZ_AM_00.2023102412.gif…
Uploading: R4133_EHZ_AM_00.2023102400.gif…
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Hello EmmaEHZ, and welcome to our community!

Local noise is always something that we try to avoid as much as possible when positioning a new Shake, that’s a guarantee!

It seems that the system did not correctly load the images you were uploading. To provide more help, could I please ask you to upload them again? Thank you.

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I understand, definitely the noise did put me in an annoying mode, but there’s nothing to do, just filter the signal, and of course I upload the images again.


Thank you for reposting the pictures; I understand better what you were describing now.

Your Shake location looks like a very good one, and this can be seen during the morning from at least 6 to 10am UTC. For the rest, yes, I would also recommend a good use of filters to remove all the “local” noise and keep the valuable data in the background.

Crossed fingers that the construction work for that warehouse will finish as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your Shake data without all the unwanted noise.

As usual, if anyone else in the community has something to add to help this new user, feel free to do so!