Tips for soldering leads to geophones

Please provide tips for soldering the leads to the geophones.


Color of the geophone wires:
Vericale: Blue = negative, Gray = positive
North-South: Blue = negative, Red = positive
East-West: Blue = negative, Green = positive

Welding technique:

Preheat by placing the tip of the soldering iron on the pad and touching the wire for a variable time between 1 and 2 seconds.
Without removing the soldering iron, dissolve the tin by placing it between the wire and the pad. The tin wire must be loosened between the copper of the pad and the wire and not directly on the tip of the soldering iron. The loose pond must cover the entire surface of the pitch. This second operation must not exceed 2 or 3 seconds.
Remove the tin wire and then the soldering iron.
If the pond does not entirely cover the surface it means that the copper is cold or dirty or that the pond is poor (low percentage of tin).
The welding must take place at the pitch, the pond is not to be dispersed in the nearby runway.

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Is there a maximum length constraint for the geophone wires connecting the geophones to the seismograph boards, in particular, how long can the wires be for the Raspberry Shake 3D?

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Please make the wires as SHORT as possible.

Yours, branden

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