Timing off

Is it just me, or does the predicted time for the P-wave on the Shakenet app seem about 30 seconds later than I am seeing on the actual trace? Thank you.

Hello K2PI,

could you please post some examples of this particular situation? So we can see in more detail what is happening.

Sure. Take a look at these examples, where the actual wave appears to start well before or after initial prediction:

Compared to these, which seems spot on:

Thank you for the report K2PI, we will be looking into it and I’ll update you as soon as I have news!

Hello K2PI,

the app team updated me saying that they are aware of the issue and that the fix for this problem will be made available in the next release of the mobile app, coming in February.

Thank you for your patience.

I am really hoping the new app is released this weekend, because timings are almost useless at present.



hi bob,

we here at raspberry shake are very proud of the work that we do and the effort that goes into the myriad of functionality we provide as part of a global network of seismometers. these seismometers have proven to be interesting for both amateurs and professional seismologists alike, and continue to show promise in multiple areas. all of us here work very hard, regardless the role, to provide everyone an experience that is both entertaining and educational, as well as advancing the science of seismology and hazard management.

given the breadth of services we provide, at no charge, it is to be expected that bugs will creep into releases from time to time, it is the nature of the beast. please be assured that once these are known, they are investigated and handled as quickly as possible. but because release procedures must remain organized as groups of updates, sometimes a bug fix must wait until the next group is ready as a whole.

we appreciate your continued support and patience in our ongoing effort to provide the best products possible. the mobile app has been updated and is ready for download containing the fix you have been waiting for; please see the release notes to get a feel for the extent of functionality being made available to the community, e.g., no less than eleven languages can now be chosen for display.


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Hi Ivor,

That’s a rather unexpected response. Perhaps my fault, and I should have been a bit more expansive in my quip, which was really to echo that I was anticipating the release because the app, when working correctly, made seeing detections so much easier. I apologize if that sounded like an indictment, because I love the app, and open it more than my email.

I realize these are all value-added features, and I am sure everyone appreciates them for what they deliver in value, over and above the Shakes themselves. But Raspberry Shake is touting the software and apps as an ecosystem on the web page, and prominently tells everyone to check out the app and software, even linking to IOS and Google Play versions of the app from the landing page. If you are telling me that is not the case, and the only product we should care about is the hardware itself, then I got entirely the wrong impression about the thrust of the teams’ citizen science ethos.



Hello Bob:

Thank you for your continued support! And enthusiasm!

It is great to see such anticipation building between the mobile app releases. Like you, I also use the mobile app every day :slight_smile:

I assure you that I see Raspberry Shake SA as primarily a software, not a hardware, company. 95% of the development work goes into software - from the software that makes the hardware work to software like the mobile app that enriches the Shaker experience. So your impression is not misplaced in that regard.

Kind regards from tropical Panama,



Thanks, Branden, for weighing in. Great to see that thrust. Really enjoying this new hobby. It’s nice to have a new “wave propagation” hobby after Amateur Radio. The analogues are surprising, but the differences fascinating. Thanks for a great product.


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