Timing off

Is it just me, or does the predicted time for the P-wave on the Shakenet app seem about 30 seconds later than I am seeing on the actual trace? Thank you.

Hello K2PI,

could you please post some examples of this particular situation? So we can see in more detail what is happening.

Sure. Take a look at these examples, where the actual wave appears to start well before or after initial prediction:

Compared to these, which seems spot on:

Thank you for the report K2PI, we will be looking into it and I’ll update you as soon as I have news!

Hello K2PI,

the app team updated me saying that they are aware of the issue and that the fix for this problem will be made available in the next release of the mobile app, coming in February.

Thank you for your patience.

I am really hoping the new app is released this weekend, because timings are almost useless at present.