Timing of events

I installed my Shake in our holiday place in Spain because the area gets a few events. There were reports of one last night so I checked my trace and found the attached.

The only thing confusing me is the time. This, apparently, was 23km away from where my Shake is located at around 00:37. The reports of feeling the tremors were from around 02:50 - 2 hours later.

Just wondering what would account for this? My Shake isn’t showing anything for the later time.

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Ok, my bad. The person who reported it got the time from some other website. She didn’t actually check. So I’m pretty sure it was earlier than she thought.


Hello OldJake,

Yes, this is likely what has happened, as there appear to be no other events around 2 hours later than the time you have indicated.

In any case, it is good that you were able to do this kind of comparison/reasoning with the data you had available.