Time shift in selected region of 24-hr plot

Yesterday, R6D2A was brought back online after rats had chewed thru the fibre-optic link. The 24-hr display (see screenshot) has the correct UT displayed along the upper display Y-axis. However, the lower display shows a time 6 hours later along the X-axis.

A separate (non-app) issue is the source of the noise at 31Hz. It is clearly related to the solar panels that supply the batteries from which the Shake is powered. I’m aware of this on all the Shakes that are connected to either battery (off grid) power, or grid-connected solar power. Is this a real vibration or purely electrical? When the solar panels are not active, the Shake has less background noise. If purely electrical, how would this be suppressed?

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Hello orez,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue, and also great to hear that the Shake is now back online!

I’ve tried to replicate what you posted in the screenshot, but was unable to, as I can see the same timeframe in both the upper and lower X-axis displays. Are you still seeing it for your station?

Regarding the disturbance at 31Hz, it appears to be EM in nature, and, as you stated, related to the solar panels’ installation. If possible, you could consider moving the Shake further away from them to see if (and how much) this helps in noise reduction, or equip the installation with a shielded vault as some of our users have done: