Time is off for R4DFA in RSData View

On the config file the Sake shows the correct time…
When I select it on the RS DataView the time is way off…it appears to show my local time as the UTC time, but that is off as well…IE about 30mins from the PC time. Example: When I took the screen shot of the graph the PC time was behind by about 30mins.
My other shakes, R206B & R216B do not have this issue. Left side shows the correct UTC time and the right side shows the correct PC Time (Pacific Standard Time Zone. I see this isue with simialar shakes like mine. Some are correct and some are not…Those that have EHE,EHN,EHZ and like mine which have EHE,EHN,EHZ,ENZ I did a few restarts/reboots but that did not seem to resolve the issue.


Hello kf7max, welcome back to our community!

Since last week, we have been experiencing issues that prevent data from some Shakes from being correctly displayed on our Raspberry Shake services: StationView, DataView and the ShakeNet app.

Server issues continue to be present; however, these issues are causing a slight delay in server data forwarding. While some stations appear offline (white, black, or not present), their data is delayed or may show various interruptions.

We will provide updates as soon as there are new developments. I think this is the root cause of the issue you are experiencing, and as soon as the server-side situation is corrected, it should disappear. If not, we will do our best to get you back online.

Thank you for your patience, and apologies for any inconvenience.