Thnx guys, Rs network is on

Great job, Thank you.

Cheers ,

Plz think, if your network is under maintenace, the ppl near Merapi have no ground info i try to provide for them.
Of course you need money for a living, yet if the RS systems are only working when your systems are up, ? , if ppl asking questions i will give them your e-mail lol

No effence tho

And Network down, seems every weekend maintenance?

Hi Hans, we’re working on it, thanks for letting us know! Hopefully sometime early next year this type of service delay won’t happen for nearly as long. There’s a lot of good stuff happening behind the scenes. Thanks for your patience.


Network down, my Youtube channel relay on it to, plz fix asap.


Network down only area Merapi, how come ?

Great job for fast fixing, Love ya all, Thnx

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