The iPhone App is here: ShakeNet on iOS is LIVE!

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Hi Shakers!

The ShakeNet mobile app has now been launched for both iPhone and Android!

Now you can connect to your Shake directly from your smart phone and see what earthquakes have been rocking the planet from the palm of your hand!

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Download the iPhone App :arrow_right: Apple App Store
Download the Android App :arrow_right: Google Play Store

Happy Shaking!



Thanks for you for this! I’m trying it out now on my iPhone and iPad.

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Hi Mike
Very nice and fast apps, I like it already to have a quick look into my live data.

One “Bug”
My stations R3EDD and R489A are shown in Northern Italy but I am in Switzerland! :wink:

Many thanks

Maybe we should make it clearer in the app, but this actually isn’t a bug per-se. Northern Italy is the Flinn-Engdahl seismic region your stations reside in, which as is explained in the linked wikipedia article, don’t conform to political boundaries.

After sending the request, I thought it could be the seismic region I am living, Thanks for the clatification.
Ver nice App and interesting features, congrats !!




It works OK on an Iphone but on an Ipad Pro it wont rotate into landscape mode and doesnt fill the screen



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Just started to play with the iOS version. Two suggestions:

  1. sync between devices - I have 2 iPhone and 1 iPad, it would be nice to once I add/remove a station to follow list or make a change in the settings it would be copy across the other devices.
  2. Native iPad app - currently the app wont take up the full screen and it would be nice if you could rotate the display to be use in landscape mode.


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Thanks for the reports @Pumaman @hcintron. Keep them coming.