The helicorder of my station RS4D looks weird

For a few days I have been noticing that the accelerographic records of my RS4D are “deformed”, they do not follow the pattern of the horizontal line (especially in the ENZ and ENN channels). I don’t know if this is due to some installation problem, poor north orientation, or if it’s just anthropogenic noise that makes the helicorder look weird.

I would like to know the reason, I await your answers, thank you.

Great to hear from you @ElSismologo54

This is likely only showing up on the ENZ channel, correct? And your RS4D is in a normal, clear-plastic enclosure and not the IP67 variation?

The ENZ channel is naturally more sensitive to air transients and the temperature variations they induce across the surface of the MEMs accelerometer chip.

To eliminate these variations, ensure that the RS4D is installed in an area free of even light breezes (causes by open windows/ doors/ fans) and/ or cover the unit in a box.



Thanks, great
I adapted a Styrofoam box to use as a cover. this is how it looks

Any other advice you can give me?


Now we wait and see. Please post a new 24 hour plot tomorrow.


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there are the results, the cover did work.

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I have a similar problem every 12 to 18 months. Sometimes reformatting my SD card appears to clear the problem but not always.
Sometimes dropouts and helicorder lines run together but transmitted data appears normal on server.
At other times server data reflects same data error so problem appears to be hardware.
( suggest using DeoxIT® Gold #GN5S-2N , do not soak board, avoid over spray)
Next fix that cleared my issue was I lightly sprayed DeoxIT® Gold #GN5S-2N on the Raspberry PI pins and shake board socket , then reseat the boards two times. Finally lightly spray DeoxIT® Gold #GN5S-2N on the connector for the geophone and gently retighten the screws. ( suspect dissimilar metal corrosion)
Lastly If that doesn’t work, swap 5v power supply with a known good one.

Have a great day.