System requirement for installing Windows in Raspberry Pi

I am a new user of Raspberry Pi. I don’t know everything about Raspberry Pi. I have a question for the user of this machine.

I am planning to install Windows OS in my system this weekend. I am using an external hard drive which is an SSD

Will I need anything else etc memory or other stuff?
Secondly which Windows OS will work best with it i.e Windows 7, XP, or 10? Should I install 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows?

You would almost certainly do better asking in some other place. The Raspberry Shake software runs on Linux, so no-one here is likely to have installed Windows – except maybe for some other project, but most will just use the system as it comes out of the box.

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As Philip said, usually the preferred OS choice for a Raspberry Pi is Linux (in particular, our Shake OS runs on a Debian infrastructure and will not work on Windows), but it is possible to install a version of Windows on the small board.

These two guides can provide you with a starting point:

It is recommended to use a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB RAM is even better), however, as it is the best performing board of their portfolio.

Enjoy experimenting!