Swarm software and other options?


We downloaded our mini seed files for analysis and our IT department has “concerns”(see below) around the software.(restricted users cannot install software here). Are there any newer updates for swarm software or other data viewers used? We have to view these files for some vibration issues.

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• Although it looks like there might be no cost to download this .zip file, there is no license agreement or agreement of any kind that I can find on their site. Meaning, if something happens to our organization because of the use of this application, we are liable for everything.
• This application will need to connect to the internet occasionally (section 13.9), which would not be a big issue, except that the link they provide is no longer valid, so who knows if that portion of the application even works anymore
• It doesn’t look like anyone is watching the github site where people are posting their issues. I checked the first few and no one has been assigned for years.
• The last update that I can see that was developed for this software was in 2020, so any potential security vulnerabilities in the last 4 years have not received a patch.
• The application requires Java 8 in order to run, which you might already have installed on your machine, but as the organization moves to newer Java installations, this application may cease to function altogether.

Hello alexM,

We are not the developers of SWARM, as this software has been produced by the USGS. You can find a reference link here: USGS: Volcano Hazards Program

As your IT department has noticed, and as far as we know, this software has been discontinued, with the latest update in 2020 and no further plans (at this time) to update it.

Probably the best compromise is downloading and installing it on a personal PC (it is not resource-intensive) and working from there.

Other options could be:

Hope the suggestions above can help you!