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Best friends, two questions:
My family is watching my system, and the are happy when the see its Blue, no danger all safe, YET.
My ground motion is changing to blue but the color on map does not, can you make that sync, or do i have to adjust the RS for it ?

second in swarm you can see the counts does not match, my Friend at the University pointed to me, how can its not sync wave, spectro ?

Your my second line of defence to help the local ppl here, so, lets discuss.
Thnx Buddies

@ivor - please respond. RS should not be a “line of defense”.

@Freestyler- the counts differ because Swarm does not auto-scale.

Yours, Branden

Hello Hans,

Regarding your use of the Shake network, I would like to take a moment to clarify exactly how it can (and cannot) be used. While it is our intent that the network have an up-time as close to 100%, never has such a guarantee been stated anywhere in our documentation.

This is due to many reasons, a few of which are:

  1. The Shake network depends on internet infrastructure we have no control over; no one guarantees delivery of real-time data over the entire planet.
  2. Because this is a new project, only in existence for three years, our infrastructure must be updated from time to time resulting in necessary down-time.
  3. This project, from a network standpoint, is intended to be used primarily for hobbyist purposes: What does the shaking look like around me? What other types of local noise sources are occurring I might not know about? Can I really see an earthquake that occurred on the other side of the world?

Thus, the expectation that the network is available 100% of the time is not contained in our mission statement, nor is it a part of our mandate, either implicit or explicit.

As such, the Shake network is not to be used as an early warning system. While we cannot stop you from using it in such a way, we must state that using the network for reasons associated with saving human lives is not how it should be used. Furthermore, we refuse to accept responsibility for any negative outcomes due to the network being unavailable at any given moment.

While we are impressed by your dedication to the local people who live so close to a volcano, we suggest that if you require a warning system that you create your own infrastructure (servers, network, redundancy, automatic alerts, etc.) that is supported by you and your own employees. It is only in this manner (where everything is under your full control) that you will be able to provide the guarantee that you are looking for.



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I endorse the comments of Ivor.
But, as a survivor of more than 10,000 EQs here in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2010 and 2011, including a magnitude 7.4 that went on for 40 s and a magnitude 6.2 that destroyed most of the multi-storey buildings in the city, I’m qualified to make some other comments:

  1. In a REAL earthquake, you will be concerned for your own survival. How can my house withstand this shaking? Should I run outside and risk getting hit by debris? Are the kids OK? The last thing you will be thinking about is to check the RS network.
  2. Our kids are taught “Drop, cover, hold”. This is what people should do if they feel a quake. Don’t bother asking someone, just do it!!
  3. We got quite good at estimating magnitudes. We would have bets whether it was a 5.2 or a 5.5. We didn’t need no RS network.

Having said all that, I’m waiting for another sizeable, but not dangerous, EQ to monitor on the RS network in our area. After the event, of course.

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Thnx Friends,
I agree with Ivor, Branden, cheers.
My question was simple, while the ground motion is changing, the color of my RS on the map does not, seems its delayed.
SWARM displays the counts on wave wrong, my friend pointed to me that, Thnx Branden for answer on that.
I have a complete system for Gunung Merapi, EWS by RIG radio system, signal provided by the goverment.
CCTV so i can not only hear but also can see.
In case some happens i follow Tideman, Drop, Cover Hold.
Later we can see what happend on rewinding Youtube Vid, if my UPS systems holds my system coz i gues power down, nvm.

Thnx for the RS, i love that thing, make a dealer at Indonesia so we don’t have to pay 300 dollar Tax at Customs haha.
Cheers Guys.

Guys, your absolute right.
Im gonna use my RS to monitor Children play games, movements, perfect.
No use to watch a Volcano with the RS, its more fun if i can show how ppl move.

Thnx for the idear, i will show the results lateron lol.

Cheers Buddies

So, thnx for the info, Yet that was not the answer i asked, again:

Is it possible to change the color of the station at the same momement my ground motion reaches a lvl Green, Yellow, Blue.
My ground values change, yet not the color on the map, duhh
if my ground motion says its Blue, why still the color stays behind the fact of that.

Come on Shakers, ppl are visual, Program a little for that haha.

Regards and cheers.


p.s bad English, sorry, i’am Dutch, living at Indonesia lol

Again, my questions simple:
The ground movement follows my RS.
The color on the same map (triangle) change not according, makes ppl confused.
To hard to change colors according ground Velocity ?
Blue = Blue @ 0.8 not Yellow from the past .

Thnx Guys, keep going, hope for the best.

Greetings from Yogya.
Hans Rolvers