SWARM Installation

After I down load Swarm to my Windows Laptop, I extract the zip data but cannot find the “Swarm_Console.Bat” file to run it.
I find a file “Swarm _Console” only? Help please Garry New to all of this.

The .bat is there, but Windows is not printing it.
Just double click it.
If nothing appears to happen, open a console (Win R, then cmd) and navigate to the directory with swarm_console and enter swarm_console. If you get a message that there is no Java, you’ll need to install that.
I’m speaking from experience here, having just set up swarm on a laptop myself…

thank you for your reply unfortunately this is now getting me out of my skills zone and may end up digging myself a big hole. I will have a think about it. Double clicking it asks me what app to use to open it and then it gets worse after thet !!

I’m haven’t been a Windows user in a long time but it occurred to me that this can sometimes happen if you open something inside a .zip archive without extracting it. If you haven’t unzipped it yet, can you try unzipping it to a separate folder and open there?

Java is usually not pre-installed (Nor is it included in the zip, because it depends on operating system), it can be installed perhaps easiest from https://www.java.com/en/download/

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