Swarm incomplete

First of all, hello everyone, I am new here.

I have access to the machine, I can read the UDP rain pouring here (but not yet work with it), I can download the helicorders (from the full IP address, rs.local doesn’t work) but when I open Swarm the helicorder there only shows the two last hours (before they were full). What has changed is that the Shake is now on place and connected by wifi. Does anyone have an idea on what the problem could be? Thanks

Hi Arturo, can you send a screenshot of the connection settings to your Shake in SWARM? It sounds like you may have changed the connection method from Wave Server to Seedlink, as the Seedlink protocol in SWARM sometimes doesn’t download the full dataset unless it needs to. I think reconfiguring the connection as a Winston Wave Server connection will help.

Yes Ian, it is, I changed it myself, and the reason is that Wiston Wave Server doesn’t connect to the Shake at all, no matter which port I use. Perhaps there is another reason for this?
Thanks a lot

Are you using the IP address or the hostname (rs.local)? In my experience sometimes SWARM has issues with hostnames.

Try with the IP and port 16032.

Perfect! It is working and properly populated. Thank you very much
By the way, I am using the IP address, rs.local is not working