Swarm Console really tiny with Windows 10

Hi all,
I am trying to make the menus much larger in Swarm. Right now when I run the Swarm console they are tiny! Normally to solve this I would create a Windows manifest file in XML to instruct Windows to ignore App Scaling on high DPI displays. However you can only do that with the usual Windows executable files (.exe). Swarm, however, runs under Java and I’m not not sure how to correct this.

Has anyone had similar issues and is there a workaround that will display the Swarm menu at the correct size?


I have found that this is an issue if you use an older version of Java, there are some workarounds but they might not work!

I use version 11 of Java and this seems to scale the App properly on Windows.

You can download the opensource version at AdoptOpenJDK - I find this version works.

Hope this helps,


Hi Steve,

You could also try playing around with the solutions suggested here:


Thanks Sam,
Updating Java and installing v 11 has solved the problem.