SWARM 2.8.12 is out

Hello Shakers!

Great news: the USGS released a new version of SWARM (2.8.12) today! An upgraded version of SWARM—likely this one—will be included in the next release of the Shake OS (v0.16). If you can’t wait for the new SWARM, you can pick it up by downloading and extracting it from the zip file at the link below, similar to how you would do it from the Shake web front end. To copy your connection settings over, simply copy the Swarm.config from your old swarm directory into the new extracted directory before running it.

Among other things, this new version includes something I’ve been waiting for for a while: a more intuitive and colorblind-friendly spectrogram color scale. Here’s an animated comparison of the new spectrogram color scale option (“inferno”) vs the default one (“jet”). I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds inferno less painful on the eyes…

Jet will still be enabled by default, but you can switch to the new spectrum by going into Wave Settings (this icon: image) and selecting the “Use alternate color spectrum” option, or by editing the WaveDefaults.config file and changing the line




Happy Shaking!

Thanks so much for letting us know about the new version! My son is protanopia and was unable to see the Jet spectrograph, so this release is especially good for him!