Surface vault

I have the RS4D and Boom with IP rated enclosures and wanted to trial a stable outdoor vault-like setup without burying them in a pit.

Here’s my trial approach using hollow preformed dense concrete construction blocks on a slab.

I’m getting interesting results so far. Extensive house noise and vibration has been replaced with more external environmental noise and vibration. I’m picking up some neighbouring heat pumps and spas when they run, along with plenty more tiny local quakes that were previously damped or suppressed by my home’s quake resistant foundations. Also that corner of the house resonates slightly under certain high wind conditions and that’s now clearly heard.

I may need to add packing to prevent the devices rattling about during the big quakes we get here.


Thank you for sharing your surface installation with us Jeff.

Also, the differences you have noticed are quite interesting, particularly the ones referring to what you now can see compared to before. Keep us posted!