Suggestions for dealing with bugs

My RS&B is located in an outdoor shed. Insect activity has been particularly active this season: on numerous occasions, I’ve found the infrasound port and tubing clogged with various dead insects (wasps, ants, and centipedes being most common). I’m seeking suggestions on how to best combat them. I’ve already tried using a windsock made out of window screening, but the tiniest insects still get through. I thought about denser material, such as the foam socks used for audio microphones, but am concerned about dampening the infrasonic signal too much.

Any practical suggestions? Thank you!


Haven’t checked my RSBOOM recently but I bought a plastic storage box, cut the sides off and covered it with flame resistant fibreglass insect mesh fly screen. Originally I was using the internal WiFi so couldn’t use a metal mesh and the material is flame resistant for obvious reasons.


Hello mpan,

First, if you haven’t already seen this, I recommend checking our DIY section for the BOOM sensor on our manual. It could provide interesting ideas: Raspberry Boom (RBOOM/ RS&BOOM) Infrasound Monitors

If the foam you are interested in trying is similar to the one that you can see on that page, then I would say go for it!

If it is denser than that, I can only advise you to try it out and see what happens. In any case, you will not damage the sensor, so it is worth a test.

If you want, let us know how your challenge against bugs goes, as it could be of interest of many other Shakers around the world.

Thank you…bought some netting earlier today!

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Stormchaser…thank you. I had not already seen that section. Will definitely get several samples of different density foams and report back my experience. (I also added netting this evening.)

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Happy to help mpan!

I hope you’ll manage to find a good balance between bug protection and no signal dampening.