Suddenly I cannot read Shake data after day 100

using ReadMSEEDFast. I’ve been using my code for three years now with no read problems. Now, starting 2020 day 100 I get this read error. No problem reading 2019 day 100 or any day in 2020 before 100. Was there a software change resulting in a change in write format to seed files?

Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds.

Error in ReadMSEEDFast>DecodeSignal (line 314)

Error in ReadMSEEDFast (line 179)

hi jay,

i don’t know what ReadmSEEDFast is so i can’t really comment on that code itself. (on a side note, i do find that function name interesting: is there a slow version?)

and i can confirm that there’s been no change to how mini-SEED format files are written, this is code that is probably more than 20 years old.

i would suggest contacting the person responsible for the function you refer to and asking them if they can provide any further insight into why it’s failing.



Standard Matlab code for reading seed, been using it for many years.

I use ReadMSEEDFast on a daily basis and I’m having no problems.

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Maybe you can try to read a sample file from my Shake.AM.RAC22.00.SHZ.D.2020.101 (6.0 MB)

Yes, I downloaded the mseed file from FDSN, then:

ReadMSEEDFast: d:\RPi\RaspberryShake\FDSN\temp.mseed

Worked instantly.

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