Subsonic Targeting

I’m curious… because this designed to detect infrasound, will it detect infrasonic / subsonic weapon/ 3d multitemporal change detection remote sensing/ Oceanic Seismo Acoustics, like what targeted individuals are experiencing, and show on the network where it is coming from? It says to detect wind turbines, rocket engines, man-made sonic booms of whatever sorts (and those things are in their spectrum). . The undiscovered of whatever else is out there. Id like to know about that. Anyone else interested? By the way, I’m in Tucson, Arizona.

Hello, and welcome to our community!

First, I’m adding the link to our Shake models Technical Specification sheet ( where, at pages 35-37, you can find all the details on the microbarograph (infrasound) sensor.

As you said, It is indeed possible to detect an extensive range of infrasonic signals from wind turbines, volcanoes, sonic booms, and more. It is also possible to calculate where a signal may be coming from, but this would require beamforming analysis procedures/software that are not provided by Raspberry Shake. We only supply data visualization tools.

As for what our Shakers have already detected? If you haven’t already, I recommend browsing the Infrasound tag (RBOOM & Infrasound - Raspberry Shake) or doing a search for it (Search results for 'infrasound' - Raspberry Shake), with many interesting topics popping up!