Stuck in "BOOTING" status


I have two RS3D outdoor units that I am testing in standalone mode. When I initially turned the devices on, they connected to the internet and behaved as expected. I then configured a GPS for timing, and it appeared to work after following directions in the forum.

However, now both devices are only showing a “BOOTING” status. I can ssh into them, but no data is getting recorded. I have attempted to attach the logs, but I’m uncertain that is working on either Chrome or Safari.

Any thoughts? I’m assuming that something I did with the GPS configuration did something, but I did something similar with an indoor RS4D and it seems to be fine.



Uploading: RSH.R4489.2020-10-13T04_55_17.logs.tar…

Hello wcurry,

It seems that the logs were not attached properly, can you please try again?

If the forum system doesn’t work, consider using some online storage service, such as Dropbox, Mediafire or similar. I’m afraid I need the logs to proceed further.


I seem to be having better luck with uploading the logs now. I attempted to switch standalone mode off on one of the devices (RAC17), and I do seem to be getting some data and Data Producer and Consumer are now both on, but it still shows “BOOTING”. On the other device (R4489) I left standalone mode on and was not getting data out.

RSH.R4489.2020-10-13T06_05_52.logs.tar (1.6 MB) RSH.RAC17.2020-10-13T12_27_57.logs.tar (5.8 MB)

Yes, the logs have been uploaded correctly, thank you.

Let’s start with R4489. Have you assembled the unit yourself? Even if not, can you please check that all the connections are sound between the sensors, the blue Shake board and the Raspberry Pi board? Also, please check that the microSD card is correctly inserted into its slot on the Pi board.

This is the message in the postboot.log file that prompts me to suggest this course of action, on top of the BOOTING message you receive:

2020 287 06:04:50: Setting Serial Port Name: HW Revision: a02082 / Port Name: /dev/ttyS0
2020 287 06:05:07: Unable to read Firmware version number off of Serial Port /dev/ttyS0 after trying for 15 seconds, cannot continue!
2020 287 06:05:07: Is the Pi computer connected to the Raspberry Shake Board? Please confirm and try again.

Going on the RAC17 unit instead, you are indeed getting some data. The only issue is that it seems that, using again the postboot.log file, we have a DNS problem, where the Shake cannot reach our servers:

2020 287 03:39:52: Unable to resolve hostname '', most likely no DNS server available
2020 287 03:39:52: No internet connection found
2020 287 03:40:02: Unable to resolve hostname '', most likely no DNS server available

Since you are doing stand-alone activities, this should not impact what you want to achieve too much, but if you need them, I can post the steps to solve it.

Thanks for your response, I have an update after some experimenting.

We have the most recent outdoor enclosure, but made our own power, ethernet, and usb cables as we wanted something longer and without an AC adaptor for installation outdoors. When I switch from using our homebrew power cable to the cable that came with the device it gets past the “BOOTING” stage in about a minute. Going back and forth the problem reappears with the homemade power cable and disappears when using the AC adaptor. I haven’t checked the voltage coming out of the cable, but it’s a 13’ long thick gauge USB3 cable so that wasn’t immediately obvious as a problem.

You’re welcome, and thank you for this info, it is the likely culprit then.

Since you can test it now that the problem appears clear, make sure that the power supply voltage will always be below 5.2V with a current of at least 2.5A.

Furthermore, if the cable to the batteries/supply is too long, and if the voltage goes below 5.0V, then the Shake will continue to shut down and turn on again continuously, or remain stuck in a reboot screen as you have experienced.

I have a follow-up question. I checked the cable, and am getting 5.1V but am not sure on current as I need a better multimeter. I did notice that our connectors don’t seem to be quite as long as yours are, so I am concerned that the connection might be an issue. Do you have a source for your connectors that you could share? We are trying to run off of battery + solar and need something with a USB-type connection on the end. Thanks!

We have some examples of solar installation in our manual, you can find them here:

Maybe you can also contact the user who built them to get more details from them.

Regarding the cable connections, does this reference image help you? If not I can try to find more from our hardware team.


Thanks for your reply. I think that we are good on the shape of the connectors coming out of the box and the voltage. What I am thinking is that the barrel length (out of page on the diagram you included) of my connectors might be too short and I’m getting a poor connection. Could you please ask the hardware team where they got them? I’d like to get the same ones instead of what we picked up on our corner of Amazon. Thanks!