Streaming buffer

I monitor a network of 9 raspberry shakes and in addition to publishing the data on the shake network, I am also sending the data to my vpn for capture on Seiscomp3. For the past year or so I have been having problems with my ISP where at the seiscomp computer location the internet connectivity drops for about a minute every 3 minutes or so. When that happens I lose that data from all the devices except one. For some strange reason, this raspberry shake device buffers the data then dumps it to my seiscomp system when the connection is restored. I would love to have that happen with all my devices but I cannot seem to find any settings for this in the GUI. Does anyone here know if there is a setting which allows for the buffering of data streams?


i would love to see your log files from two of your machines: the one where the buffering is working and the other where the buffering does not work… buffering is tricky, but this should be working the same on all devices, and it is not a configuration setting, but a standard part of the core system.

if this is possible, please identify which unit behaves which way.

thanks in advance,



The devices are at remote locations and I have not yet set them up for remote access so it is difficult to get the log files. That will happen in a few months. The device which works the way I want it to work is RDCDD. My other devices are RBA2A, R3E0C, RBC24, RC13E, R2625, R569B and R8282.