Strange "ticks" on one axis only

I have recently noticed small spikes, I call them ticks, on the recorder traces on just one axis - EHN They are not there all of the time by have a periodicity of just over two minutes. I have uploaded the latest log file and an example of two helicorder traces one with and the other without the “ticks”.

I have to believe that they are real disturbances from somewhere. To establish the source, the plan is to rotate the whole unit by 90 degrees. That way, I can work out if these are real disturbances or some other “interference” in the unit itself.

Anyone have a similar experience?

RSH.R6B6E.2019-11-06T16_56_49.logs.tar (2.3 MB) seismic-recordings-1.pdf (645.0 KB)


those apear to be spikes originating from the WiFi module. your log file also indicates that your WiFi interface is on.

if you don’t need your WiFi interface turned on, please turn it off via the front-end configuration interface (SETTINGS::NETWORK::WIFI SETTINGS), and “Save and Reboot”.



one other note:

it’s possible the front-end will not turn off WiFi in its current form (a bug was found related to this that which is fixed in the next release).

if you find that this doesn’t turn WiFi off, please edit the following file, change the value to OFF and reboot:


I thought the WiFi was OFF as I did configure it during installation as recommended. A quick check on the home page shows that I still have a WiFi MAC address so I guess it is running as you surmised.

I have made the config file change as suggested, rebooted, and now there is no WiFi MAC address showing.

I downloaded a fresh log file to check but noticed that it had not been updated and the entry in postboot.log still shows WiFi as ON. The log file has a timestamp of: 2019-11-06T16_56_49. For future reference when is the log file updated?

I suspect the Wifi was more active than before as there is now an active AP close by in the main workshop. It is definitely OFF now.

Thanks for your help.

I will check the traces in the morning.

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